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  1. A Practical Guide to Learning in the Workplace

    Regular Price: €36.00

    Special Price €19.95

    Everything you need to know about learning in the workplace. Learn More
  2. Accidental Leadership: A Personal Journey
    "At last a leadership book by someone who has walked the talk, from messenger boy to CEO." - Bill Cullen, Author and Entrepreneur Learn More
  3. Adventures in Code: The Story of the Irish Software Industry

    Regular Price: €22.95

    Special Price €14.95

    A lively history of software development in Ireland that introduces the people who achieved success on the world stage and examines the future prospects for the industry. Learn More
  4. an irish banking manifesto

    ‘Of all the books written so far about the Irish banking crisis, this one has the greatest authority.’ – Shane Ross, TD, from the Foreword

    Learn More
  5. Business Bathroom Bible

    Regular Price: €24.95

    Special Price €20.95

    A beautifully illustrated book offering practical business advice on how to motivate the sales team, hire the right people, make a compelling presentation and much more. Learn More
  6. Desperate Executives: A Story of Coaching, Change and Personal Growth
    Coaching and self-learning often comes from the most unexpected places. Our lives start to change when we make it happen. Read this book and take that first step. Cathy Buffini, Alcatel-Lucent Learn More
  7. Facebook Marketing: The Essential Guide for Irish Organisations, by Louise McDonnell

    Regular Price: €19.95

    Special Price €16.95

    Aimed at Irish business owners and managers of non-profit organisations, this book will make them more effective at Facebook marketing.

    Learn More
  8. Fuelled by Belief: The Cityjet Story

    Starting at: €10.00

    A fascinating first-hand account by Cityjet's founder Pat Byrne of his struggle to keep the airline in business. Learn More
  9. How to Survive the Great Recession: The Resilient Response
    ...A must-read for all whose lives have been overturned by the recession, or those who fear the worst, or who are just depressed by all the depressing economic news. Wonderful common-sense advice .... Deevy's book exudes optimism, a rare commodity in these times.' - Fr. Peter McVerry SJ Learn More
  10. Leadership Charisma

    Regular Price: €26.95

    Special Price €21.50

    A step-by-step guide for leaders wishing to build the sort of charismatic traits that engage people and gets the best from them. Learn More

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