Information for Authors

Since 2001, The Liffey Press has published a wide range of high quality, Irish-focused, nonfiction titles in social policy, arts and literature, current events, biography, psychology, history, sports, politics, education and related fields and we continue to welcome proposals from authors in those areas.
The Liffey Press has also begun to publish selected titles as ebooks, working with the Faber Factory (part of Faber & Faber in the UK) which distributes to all major ebook suppliers.
Proposals for either non-fiction or fiction titles should provide the following information:
  1. A general description of the content and purpose of the book and why you feel it should be published.
  2. A 'book blurb' of 150-200 words that could possibly be used for marketing and publicity purposes.
  3. A chapter by chapter outline of the book's proposed contents, including whether it has any photographs or illustrations.
  4. For fiction, a detailed description of the plot plus at least several sample chapters.
  5. A description of the intended market for the book.
  6. A list of any competing titles.
  7. A description of the author(s) — current position, qualifications, previous publications, etc.
  8. A timetable for the likely delivery of a final manuscript.
  9. A description of any marketing, publicity, sales or financial support that would be available for the book.

Send the book proposal and any other relevant information to David Givens, Publisher:

The Liffey Press,
307 Clontarf Road
Dublin D03 PO46

You can also send your proposal via e-mail to

We will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible to all proposals or manuscripts submitted.