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How to Survive the Great Recession: The Resilient Response

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How to Survive the Great Recession: The Resilient Response

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...A must-read for all whose lives have been overturned by the recession, or those who fear the worst, or who are just depressed by all the depressing economic news. Wonderful common-sense advice .... Deevy's book exudes optimism, a rare commodity in these times.' - Fr. Peter McVerry SJ



This book is about how individuals, families and organisations can respond resiliently to the awesome challenges posed by the Great Recession. The global meltdown of major financial institutions, triggered by the greed and corruption of the 'banksters' and their political collaborators, now threatens the economic security of people everywhere.

Ordinary citizens are struggling to weather a storm that doesn't show signs of subsiding anytime soon. How to Survive the Great Recession offers an antidote to the fear and worry many are experiencing. More about the psychology of survival than economics, it shows how individuals and families with the right attitudes can successfully confront current economic challenges while still maintaining a life that has quality and meaning.


...Ed Deevy's powerful prescription for what ails us is equal parts optimism, courage, common sense, perspective, humour, faith, and hard work.... This book offers practical, accessible, and inspiring strategies to survive - and thrive - in these challenging times.' Dr. Paul Powers, Psychologist, author of Love Your Job and Winning Job Interviews

About the Author

For more than two decades Ed Deevy has divided his time as a management psychologist between Ireland and the United States. He has specialised in helping both for-profit and not-for-profit organisations improve employee morale and productivity. Over the past ten years he has pioneered the use of a process called Rally the Troops. This structured process is designed to get the whole organisation engaged in support of organisational goals. Author of Creating the Resilient Organization (Prentice Hall, 1995), he has spoken internationally to business and professional groups on such topics as culture change, employee engagement and how to promote resiliency within the organisation.

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Additional Information

Author Deevy, Dr Ed
Editor No
Print Format Paperback
ISBN-10 1905785720
ISBN-13 978-1-905785-72-8
Illustrations No
Date of Publication January 2010
Number of Pages 160