Different Planets? Gender Attitudes and Classroom Practice in Post-Primary

Different Planets? Gender Attitudes and Classroom Practice in Post-Primary

The Soul of Ireland

The Soul of Ireland: Issues of Society, Culture and Identity

Desperate Executives: A Story of Coaching, Change and Personal Growth

Coaching and self-learning often comes from the most unexpected places. Our lives start to change when we make it happen. Read this book and take that first step. Cathy Buffini, Alcatel-Lucent
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Four executives sign-up for fitness classes as part of their New Years resolution to get into shape. Dan, Louise, Robbie and Ed come from different industries, family backgrounds and lifestyles and have different issues to deal with:

  • Robbie, a commodities trader, is wrestling with self-acceptance and is concerned that he is not making a social contribution
  • Louise, a project engineer, is trying, unsuccessfully, to balance work and family demands
  • Dan, a technical services manager, is concerned about his career plateauing and getting by-passed by some of the young Turks in the company
  • Ed, a purchasing manager, is driven to create financial security for his young family but struggles with understanding his own motivation, capabilities and needs and constantly rejects feedback

Under the expert guidance of their fitness instructor and life coach, Mr Cheung who is wise enough to know that people have to reconstruct their own lives they begin to develop a physical and mental health routine which has a profound impact on them as they struggle with their problems.

Desperate Executives is based on the four predominant issues which continually emerge in executive coaching sessions. Written by one of Irelands leading executive coaches, this book offers an insight into typical dilemmas faced by people who are already successful and plots a way through the maze when difficult life issues need to be confronted. Written as a modern-day fable, Desperate Executives is a landmark book which offers profound insights into a powerful coaching process.

About the Author

Dr. Paul Mooney is the President of the National College of Ireland. Previously, he spent many years in a variety of HR positions, and in 1991 established PMA Consulting, a management consulting company. He is the author of eight books and has published a range of articles on effective organisation and people management.


Paul Mooney has been providing wise counsel to CEOs and senior executives for over 15 years. Desperate Executives demonstrates his uncanny knack for initial diagnosis and finding a path forward. Brendan McGinty, Director of Industrial Relations & Human Resource Services, IBEC Mooney is the ultimate coach. He provides a form of tough love for executives which is unmatched in the Irish marketplace. Richard Broderick, Managing Director, The Kal Group If you think executive development is expensive, try ignorance. Desperate Executives conveys the powerful message that positive change is always possible. Denis OBrien, CEO, Communicorp Limited

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Author Mooney, Paul
Print Format Hardback
ISBN-10 1905785399
ISBN-13 978-1-905785-39-1
Date of Publication March 2008
Number of Pages 120
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