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The Corporate Culture Handbook: How to Plan, Implement and Measure a Successful Culture Change Programme

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The Corporate Culture Handbook: How to Plan, Implement and Measure a Successful Culture Change Programme

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Comprehensive guidance on how to plan, implement and measure a successful culture change programme.


Corporate culture remains an enigma for many a strategic management team, and successful culture change remains but a myth for most organisations. In this new paperback edition of a book hailed by the Business Book Review as "in the top 1% of best business books for 2006", The Corporate Culture Handbook dispels much of the mystique surrounding the subject, outlines the business case for corporate culture management, puts forward a field-proven strategic implementation plan that incorporates best practice and lessons learned and presents pioneering work on the measurement of a culture change programme.

In The Corporate Culture Handbook, O'Donovan shows that successful corporate culture change must be a two-way path, where the workforce are active participants in shaping their culture, not mere passive responders to external mechanisms as suggested in traditional models of corporate culture. In addition, organisational credibility and reputation must be based on a history of ethical conduct, not on a carefully crafted marketing campaign. Using the insights in this book, corporate leaders will be able to identify the drivers, expressions and reflections of their prevailing culture and understand what needs to change to nurture and manage a healthy corporate culture.

Executives and consultants seeking to create a service culture, a culture of ethics or a culture of innovation will find this practical book indispensable, and organisations who adopt the UN Global Compact or the Global Sullivan Principles will find it particularly helpful for delivering on their leadership commitments. Throughout The Corporate Culture Handbook new ideas, techniques and models are presented in clear language that is easy to grasp and turn into action. Using this comprehensive and sensible handbook, organisations will finally be able to take control of their destiny.

About the Author

Gabrielle ODonovan has worked with major blue-chip companies for many years on corporate culture management. Her recent change management programme for HSBC in Hong Kong won an ASTD Excellence in Practice Award in 2005 and her articles have been published in Corporate Governance International, Banking Today and Best Practices Management. Gabrielle has a Masters degree from the University of Sheffield.June 2007; 39.95; For more information see: http://gabrielleodonovan.typepad.com/change_management

Additional Information

Additional Information

Author O'Donovan, Gabrielle
Editor No
Print Format Paperback
ISBN-10 978-1-905785-29-2
ISBN-13 978-1905785292
Illustrations No
Date of Publication June 2007
Number of Pages 376

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