Don't Worry, Be Happy! Finding Happiness at Work, at Home and at Play

Don't Worry, Be Happy! Finding Happiness at Work, at Home and at Play

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The Truth about Lying: With Some Differences between Men and Women, by Stephen J. Costello

Time to Fly! 7 Exhilarating Lessons to Take Your Life to the Next Level

Practical exercises and coaching tips for getting more out of life
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Time to Fly is for anyone tired of settling for less than they are worth in life, work and relationships. In an easy to read style, using logical explanations, practical steps and real life examples, Neil O’Brien shows how to create lasting change quickly and simply. Using inspirational stories about human potential, new and refreshing insights into human behaviour backed up by actual case studies from Neil’s extensive coaching practice, the reader will be challenged to create real change immediately. Each chapter also contains practical exercises and coaching tips (Flying Lessons) that make Time to Fly not just a book but a process. Readers will also experience Neil’s wonderful sense of humanity, humour and fun. This will be an enjoyable read from start to finish. Neil O’Brien has helped psychiatrists with their stress management, psychologists with their personal development, managing directors with their sense of direction, sales people sell more, footballers score more and golfers score less! This book will help anyone to reach their goals in life.

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About the Author

Neil O’Brien left school and took the first job he was offered which was in a bank. He worked there for 23 years and then decided that it was time for a change. In 1998 he left the safe and secure bank job and founded his company called Time To Fly. He is now an international speaker and coach in the areas of change and transformation, resilience and confidence, self-belief and self-worth. He is Ireland’s number one corporate conference speaker on the topic of human potential. He was also ‘the first Life Coach in Ireland’ and was regularly featured on Irish television with weekly contributions to top-rated programmes such as Live at 3, The Health Show, The Health Squad, The Clinic and the business programme The Mentor. His radio interviews have been aired on RTE Radio 1, RTE 2, Newstalk FM, Q102 and Spin FM.


“I love spending time with Neil O’Brien. His warmth, calmness, humour and insight makes him truly a world-class coach”. – Robert Holden author of Success Intelligence and Shift Happens.

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Author O'Brien, Neil
Print Format Paperback
ISBN-13 978-1-908308-33-7
Date of Publication October 2012
Number of Pages 130
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