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The Ten Skills of Highly Successful People

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The Ten Skills of Highly Successful People

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A highly practical book for anyone who wants guidance on how to fulfil their hopes, dreams or expectations.


The Ten Skills of Highly Successful People provides practical guidance on how to live a successful and fulfilling life. Success does not mean fabulous riches or fame, but rather achieving the financial means that allows you to live in a purposeful and contented way. The book is organised around the acronym OPTIMISTIC, which will help you to memorise and recall the skills you need to grow and develop in order to realise your dreams. These skills are soundly backed up by the best psychological research currently available. OPTIMISTIC stands for: Objectives provides the vision, purpose and goals that give your life direction Plans provides the structure to help you achieve your objectives Tenacity determination, perseverance and patience are essential for success Integrity being honest, truthful and fair are vital to enjoying a happy life Motivation the driving force which propels you towards your goals Interpersonal relationships getting along with others is a critically important skill Self-esteem love and respect yourself if you expect others to do so as well Thinking positively see the glass as half full rather than half empty Improvement successful people continually develop and improve themselves Control self-discipline, emotional intelligence and a healthy work/life balance will help you to stay on track. A separate chapter is devoted to each of the ten skills with real-life examples, inspirational quotes and stories, evidence from the best research available and practical advice to facilitate the journey to a happy and successful life. In addition, each chapter has mind maps to help remember the material as well as a five-step plan for putting the skills into practice.

About the Author

Samuel A. Malone has many years experience as a training consultant, training manager and HR consultant. He has an M.Ed (in training and development) from the University of Sheffield and is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant. He is the author of eight books including Mind Skills for Managers (Gower), Success Skills for Managers (Oak Tree Press) and A Practical Guide to Learning in the Workplace (The Liffey Press). He lives in Dublin.
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Additional Information

Author Malone, Samuel A.
Editor No
Print Format Paperback
ISBN-10 1-904148-95-6
ISBN-13 n/a
Illustrations No
Date of Publication March 2006
Number of Pages 220