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Books about self-help and self-development, from The Liffey Press, Dublin

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  1. Don't Worry, Be Happy! Finding Happiness at Work, at Home and at Play
    A practical guide that is a useful antidote to the current climate of gloom and doom -- Don't Worry, Be Happy! Learn More
  2. Life After Joy: A Prisoner No More, by Gary Cunningham

    Regular Price: €19.95

    Special Price €16.95

    ... a tour de force of hopes and dreams and setbacks, a story that will encourage readers to never give up no matter how many times they get knocked down

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  3. Mental Health in Ireland: The Complete Guide for Patients, Families, Health Care Professionals and Everyone Who Wants to Be Well, by Brendan Kelly

    Written by one of Ireland’s leading psychiatrists, this book provides a clear overview of mental health, illness and well-being in Ireland

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  4. Joys of Joy: Finding Myself in an Irish Prison, by Gary Cunningham

    Regular Price: €17.95

    Special Price €14.95

    A remarkable memoir, occasionally harrowing but more often extremely funny, describing Gary Cunninghams' experiences as a prisoner

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  5. Coping with Stress, by Dr Mark Harrold

    "Mark’s book is a jargon-free guide on how to manage stress. Every home should have a copy." – Miriam O’Callaghan

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  6. A Life of Our Own: Learning from Autism, by Aileen McGee

    Regular Price: €15.95

    Special Price €12.95

    Twelve stepping stones to help anyone navigate through difficult times

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  7. What is Friendship? Conversations with the Great Philosophers, by Stephen J. Costello

    Regular Price: €16.95

    Special Price €14.95

    Dialogues with Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Kant, Nietzsche and other noted philosophers on the meaning of friendship Learn More
  8. The Truth about Lying book cover

    Starting at: €14.95

    “Erudite, engaging, eccentric, enjoyable . . . a wide-ranging philosophical and psychoanalytical study of lying.” Richard Kearney, Chair of Philosophy, Boston College Learn More
  9. The Importance of Being Branded: An Irish Perspective

    Starting at: €19.95

    Ireland's leading expert on branding looks at the critical role it plays in business today. Learn More
  10. "I Am Enough!" Words to Live By, by Gary Cunningham

    Inside these pages are stories based on situations described by students: bullying, peer pressure, dealing with grief, social media and, shockingly, suicide. Young people today are not `moody and rude' - they are simply trying to navigate a fast-changing, high-pressured world while feeling very unsure of themselves.

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