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For God's Sake: The Hidden Life of Irish Nuns called 'an utterly compelling read' by Irish Independent

In a major review in the Irish Independent (November 22) Camillus Metcalfe's new book receives high praise from reviewer Anne Cunningham. For God's Sake: The Hidden Lives of Irish Nuns consists of ten interviews with nuns who are highly critical of their treatment. Anne Cunningham says that 'what emerges ... are lives lived by nuns in convents and institutions that were miserable, brutal and tyrannical'. Speaking of how the nuns treated orphans and unwed mothers, she says that 'this book is not an apologia or defence ... but it may increase our understanding of how such coldness an cruelty could happen'. She concludes by saying that 'Camillus Metcalfe has written an immensely compassionate book'.

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