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  1. Don't Worry, Be Happy! Finding Happiness at Work, at Home and at Play
    A practical guide that is a useful antidote to the current climate of gloom and doom -- Don't Worry, Be Happy! Learn More
  2. Life After Joy: A Prisoner No More, by Gary Cunningham

    Regular Price: €19.95

    Special Price €16.95

    ... a tour de force of hopes and dreams and setbacks, a story that will encourage readers to never give up no matter how many times they get knocked down

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  3. Joys of Joy: Finding Myself in an Irish Prison, by Gary Cunningham

    Regular Price: €17.95

    Special Price €14.95

    A remarkable memoir, occasionally harrowing but more often extremely funny, describing Gary Cunninghams' experiences as a prisoner

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  4. Coping with Stress, by Dr Mark Harrold

    "Mark’s book is a jargon-free guide on how to manage stress. Every home should have a copy." – Miriam O’Callaghan

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  5. A Life of Our Own: Learning from Autism, by Aileen McGee

    Regular Price: €15.95

    Special Price €12.95

    Twelve stepping stones to help anyone navigate through difficult times

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  6. What is Friendship? Conversations with the Great Philosophers, by Stephen J. Costello

    Regular Price: €16.95

    Special Price €14.95

    Dialogues with Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Kant, Nietzsche and other noted philosophers on the meaning of friendship Learn More
  7. The Truth about Lying book cover

    Starting at: €14.95

    “Erudite, engaging, eccentric, enjoyable . . . a wide-ranging philosophical and psychoanalytical study of lying.” Richard Kearney, Chair of Philosophy, Boston College Learn More
  8. The Importance of Being Branded: An Irish Perspective

    Starting at: €19.95

    Ireland's leading expert on branding looks at the critical role it plays in business today. Learn More

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